Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tall women

I am sitting in study hall right now, and I'm moved to write because I saw a T-shirt across the room. On the front of the shirt it says No Ma’am. On the back the acronym is explained: National Organization Men Against Amazon Mastery. I had planned to do a little more research before attempting this posting on tall women, but the T-shirt drove me over the edge. The post will be better if I don’t do any research that might undermine my flimsy conclusion.

I noticed an unusually tall woman the other day, at least six feet tall. Given that Belarusians tend to be shorter than Americans are, she really stood out. Then I began to notice a surprising number of Belarusian women in the six-foot range. As I stood on public transit this morning and surveyed all the heads I could see I hypothesized that there are roughly as many six-foot-tall women here as men of that height. And this phenomenon isn’t even assisted by high-heeled shoes! I should really attempt to confirm that hypothesis at least over a few more rides on the Metro, but the presence of the T-shirt suggested that at least some of the regular-sized guys around here might feel a little threatened by tall women.

Maybe before I return to the USA I’ll get to talk to some of these tall women and find out whether their height is a nuisance for them. But I think I’d have to know somebody pretty well before attempting to talk about differences. If I do learn anything, I’ll let you know. Maybe I should interview some of the regular-sized guys first.

Alas, after writing this little essay and before posting it I took another ride on the Metro and saw a fair smattering of tall men but no tall women. My demographic theory appears to be failing, but there are a few very tall women around here somewhere.

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