Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm beginning to understand this stuff!

I really enjoyed class today. We're going over stuff that never made sense to me, and suddenly it makes sense. I can only credit those Pimsleur tapes I borrwed from the library. And, of course, I have a great teacher here.

Actually, all kinds of things are coming together for me right now. I was feeling bored not having a newspaper to read over breakfast so I turned on the TV. I found a talk show on Channel 4 that I could follow reasonably well. That's a first!

Yesterday the librarian loaned me a new book on Russian grammar in English with lots of tables and diagrams. (Once again, I feel privileged. Technically it's too new for circulation yet, but she saw how interested I was in it, coming back to read it in the library. She admitted that she had a second copy and she let me take it home.) The book elucidates topics I had found hard, and I'll continue to work through it at home.

I think that by the time I come home this time I can tell you honestly that I speak Russian. When I said that in the past,I was exaggerating badly.

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