Saturday, July 9, 2011

Suddenly I was a fashionista

I wanted to go to a museum of manufactured things today because I didn’t think Alla would want to go there and she’s joining me tonight. But when I got to the station near the museum, I encountered some sort of chaos and couldn’t figure out how to reach the museum. A participant in the chaos told me that the museum was on the other side of “Premium,” and he pointed me in the only direction I could go to get around all the extra stuff clogging the area.

Most of the extra stuff related to Fashion Week. In my efforts to get to the other side of “Premium,” I walked into the high-end area for a city-wide fashion extravaganza. Everybody else had wrist bands and often even tags hanging around their necks, but somehow I got in without any of that stuff. As soon as I understood my good fortune, I postponed my museum plans and took in the fashion as an art show. Not only did I enjoy the clothing, I enjoyed watching the well-dressed people who bought and sold this stuff.

Unlike the computer trade shows I know so well, this trade show didn’t attract a dense crowd. As I learned later, nobody is allowed except those who buy clothing in wholesale quantities and others specially invited by the manufacturers. I didn’t have any trouble seeing the garments, and I even got to meet some of the principals. My favorite was Luca Maestrami, of the Italian firm that bears his family name. I’m sorry my photo didn’t come out well, because the morning suits they’re making now look even better than the ceremonial stuff I saw online later at

I am happy to report that I saw a lot of really colorful stuff, some of which may even reach the American market. And I did ultimately reach the museum as well.

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