Thursday, July 21, 2011

Enjoying Boston

Last weekend was our first and Nika’s last in Boston, so we went for a picnic at Columbus Park on the harbor. Conditions were perfect: We found a cool spot in the shade of a big tree facing the harbor on a sunny and warm day. Kids played in the fountain and a guitarist played mellow pop tunes for donations all afternoon long. The water taxis came and went, while we just stayed. We ate, blew soap bubbles, and relaxed.

Nika is gone now, so we celebrated Alla’s birthday with our friend Atef, who may have been born on the same date in spite of what it says on his birth certificate. (The registry was closed on the day of his birth, so his birth certificate cites the day of registration and not necessarily the day of birth.) Atef has a wonderful garden patio, where he grilled steaks and served them beautifully and deliciously.

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