Thursday, December 26, 2013

Posada Navideña

From 2013-12 December
Our friends Gabriela and Henry invited us to a Posada Navideña last week. This is a traditional Mexican procession with songs and food. I'm not sure who organizes such things in Mexico, but I think ours arose out of the generosity of a Mexican grocery store and a Mexican restaurant in the little community of Roslindale. When we arrived at the grocery store, they were giving out free tamales, tripe soup and hot chocolate. The crowded store steamed with the heat of the many people milling around with their food and socializing. I would have loved to take off my jacket, but had no place to set it down and my hands were occupied with food and drink.

Presently a mariachi band arrived. They weren't as accomplished as the professional musicians we usually hear in tourist areas of Mexico, but they played with such enthusiasm and abandon that nobody seemed to care. We practiced a few songs together in the grocery store and then set out on our procession, singing for the proprietors of various neighborhood businesses. Some of the businesses responded with treats: The library gave away used books, somebody else gave out churros, and we finally ended up inside a restaurant with lots more food and two piñatas for the kids.

Before getting inside the restaurant, however, we participated in a call-and-response song with the people inside the restaurant playing the part of reluctant hosts and the people on the street playing the part of insistent guests. The mariachis accompanied us during the whole walk and led the singing. We had a great time, and this reinforces my opinion that Mexicans generally know how to have a good time. I'm glad we have so many Latinos in Boston and that we got to participate.

From 2013-12 December

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