Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Duckling Day

Lots of kids throughout America know the story Make Way for Ducklings, by Robert McCloskey. It’s especially popular in Boston, where the action takes place, and we always seem to have at least a few kids sitting on the bronze duck sculpture commemorating the story in the Public Garden. The Duckling story also led to a traditional spring parade of kids dressed up as ducklings visiting the landmarks depicted in the story.

This year we happened on the parade as we walked home from Sunday brunch. Well, to be truthful, we found a bunch of families having picnics long after the parade had finished. While McCloskey’s story is about mallards, the parade parents almost all dressed their kids in yellow, more like rubber bathtub ducks.

I wanted to write a story about this, but can’t think of anything to say. We thought the kids were cute, we took a few pictures, and then we went off for a bike ride. End of story.

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