Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Coat-check service

I really like the coat-check people I see here in Minsk, pretty much all of them. I did have to pay thirty thousand rubles (US$3.50) to get my stuff back when I lost a coat check tag taking my wallet out of my pocket, but I have to say that the lady was very nice about it.

I first noticed super-duper coat service at Tovarish Café, where we have lunch sometimes. The guy always sees us returning from the restaurant and gets our coats ready for us before we even walk up. He returns them not just dust-free, but warm on the inside. Where else have you seen a coat heater?

Tonight I slipped out of symphony a little early so I could get to my dance class. We always give our coats to the same attendant because we found one who is extremely quick and efficient. Even if we get downstairs at the back of the line we don’t have to wait long to receive our coats. But this time, of course, I came downstairs alone. The lights were dim and some of the ladies were chatting among themselves. Not ours, however. She had most of the wet umbrellas opened up on the counter and on the floor behind her. Before I even presented my coat tags, she got my coat off the hook and brought it to the counter. My umbrella no longer hung with the coat, but she knew right where it was and she returned it to me along with my dance shoes, which she also retrieved without looking at my tag.

I’m also compelled to mention the coat check ladies at Minsk State Linguistic University. One of them invited me to check my coat in the teachers’ section so I wouldn’t have to wait in any long lines. The ladies take turns working the different windows so I see all of them at different times. All of them are friendly, and of course they are very attentive. I wish they had a coat heater because the lobby gets really cold in the dead of winter when students are flooding in and out of the main doors. They probably wish they had coat heaters too, but nothing ever chills their warm and caring outlook.

Restaurant service varies from place to place, but coat check service impresses me everywhere.

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