Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Salsa Minsk

I’ve been taking salsa dance classes for a few months now and I know enough steps to go out onto the dance floor but not enough steps or style to be entertaining. I feel, however, like I’m finally looking at the next level. I got a big lift the last couple of days from a different instructor. There’s an American guy in town on business, and he somehow agreed to teach a few classes at my school.

He taught my regular group last night, and I had a really good time. I particularly enjoyed the fact that he taught in English and (surprise-surprise) I understood 100% of what he said. Typically I understand enough to learn the steps, but it’s possible that some of my stylistic problems were due to missing nuances in the instructions. Or it’s possible that this guy gives better instructions. Whatever the difference, I had such a great time last night that I decided to barge into his class tonight as well even though it’s intended for more advanced students.

It turns out that I know enough basics that I had no problem learning with these advanced students. I’m just not as fluent as they are at putting together a string of fancy moves without coaching. Once again, I had a great time. More importantly, however, tonight’s class really lifted my confidence. I’m excited, now, to continue my dance education when I get back home. If American instructors are the key for me, I want to take advantage of the upcoming opportunity.

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