Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blue jeans (again)

My dad read my post about blue jeans and decided to do something about it. He is sending me a pair from my home town in California. He had about as much trouble sending the jeans to me as I've ever had with any of my projects on this side of the ocean, so I couldn't resist posting his letter to me. He says:

Your Jeans left the East Sacramento Post Office yeserday afternoon (5/17/11).

The postal clerk was very anxious to be helpful, and I only hope the postal people in Minsk can read your address. The process is first to fill in a 3-page address and info form, which for some reason is not meant to be attached to the package. I then wrote on the sealed and taped package although my writing is not very legible. The clerk then sold me the second largest bubble envelope, and crammed the pants in. (I would have bought the larger one for about 50 cents more if he had not insisted in helping me and saving 50 cents). Then he requested I write your name and address on the package using a ball point pen that punched through the distended envelope. Upon again returning to the counter he gave me a Sharpie pen which was awkward for me, so he took over the job, and I do not think his writing was much better. In desperation I asked him to tape the note I had copied from your e-mail. He did and concluded it would work just fine and sends his greetings. This was a historic moment in East Sacramento since the clerk had never heard of Belarus, and apparently this is the first package sent from Sacramento.

I am sure it will all work out, and for the sake of the people waiting in line behind me, I am sure they do not want me to come back. So, let me know when you receive it. In spite of the writing struggle, I am sure that they can decipher it at your end.


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