Monday, April 11, 2011

This is nuts!

I wanted to write a humorous post today entitled “Training a swarm of bees,” but nothing seems very funny at this moment. While I was in a rehearsal with a bunch of students preparing a program for the University, there was a tragic explosion in the main Metro station, where our two subway lines intersect. The explosion happened at rush hour: several people lost their lives and many more were injured, some very seriously. I haven’t seen any news about what caused the blast, but the timing and location makes me guess that this was not a simple accident.

As far as I know right now none of our friends was hurt, but my heart goes out to all the people affected by this tragedy.

As for the swarm of bees, I may write about it later. It appears that all the male students from a certain country (not Belarus) suffer from some sort of Attention Deficit Disorder. With a nod to Garry Trudeau, let’s call the country Berzerkistan, because at least in this case it seems to fit. I will just note that it’s really hard to teach a dance number to a bunch of guys who can’t stand in a line and pay attention to instructions that involve counting from one to eight while moving one’s feet in rhythm.

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