Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The French are coming

We had lunch on Sunday at our favorite French cafe, La Crete d'or. This place is always quiet and cozy, but we really go for the desserts. They have a new dessert now, and while I could point it out in the display case, I absolutely can't remember what it's called. I'd describe it as a French version of a pecan pie, with a wonderfully flaky crust and an interior of not-too-sweet nutty goodness. I'll go back for more so that I can refine my description.

After lunch, we decided to divide and conquer. My part of the division was to take the Metro out to our favorite marketplace and buy fruits and vegetables. Much to my delight and amazement, there was a guy offering samples of real French bread.

I took a sample or two or three and bought a loaf. He knew just enough Russian to do business. That is to say, he knows how to tell me the price of his bread. I couldn't learn much more because we didn't really have a language in common.

I came back later, however, and found his assistant or girlfriend or daughter... I found a second person there, and she speaks Russian. I learned that they've reserved their spot in the marketplace six days a week and they plan to be around permanently. I think this is really great. While I prefer the local dark breads, it's really fun to have this tasty new choice, at less than a dollar a loaf. Bostonians, eat your hearts out. I'll eat the bread.

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