Friday, December 24, 2010

Found stuff

This seems to be the Christmas of Found Stuff. We started with a child's bear, which Alla rescued from the curb on trash day and washed in the washing machine. The bear cleaned up pretty well, but since his stuffing had leaked out he couldn't sit up. The other day then, Alla and Nika filled him with lentils and stitched him shut.

Next, coming home from the grocery store today I found a little Christmas tree by the side of the road, waiting for tomorrow's trash pickup. I picked it up instead. We're guessing that somebody went away for the holidays and put their used tree out before leaving. It's shedding needles at an alarming rate, but we gave it water to drink and a few lights. Nika wanted to add just one ornament, but Alla got carried away and brought up a few more ornaments from the basement. I couldn't restrain myself either, and I added some candies. It's still pretty simple, but we all like it; even Nika.

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