Monday, January 4, 2010

It is what it is

I complained in a recent post that it wasn’t cold enough here. If I offended anybody, I want to apologize right now. Honestly, I meant it as a joke. Today’s weather is no longer funny, and I want my old weather back. It’s been about -15 all day. Fortunately we’re talking Celsius, but it’s still awfully cold.

I don’t really mind the outside temperature, but it turns out that this has an impact on indoor temperatures too. Apparently heating systems just steam along at whatever output they do, and when it’s not terribly cold outside it’s toasty warm inside; but when it’s miserably cold outside it’s not all that toasty inside either.

Today was my first day back at the university, and my classmate walked in and opened the window the minute he came into the classroom. Then he sat down wearing a heavy down jacket. As soon as he turned his back, I closed the window. But the damage was done and we didn’t have enough warm bodies in the room to catch up ever again. I warmed up by doing pushups during the break. Lesson learned. Wear a heavier sweater in the classroom when it’s freakn’ cold out.

The only warm place I found at the university was in the main building, where they added an extra four inches of foam insulation while I was here during the summer. They also put new chairs into the library and a bunch of new stuff in the lobby, so I’m liking that building a whole lot.

It seemed warm at home when I first walked in this evening, but it’s not really all that toasty. After dinner I went and got out a heavy wool dickie my dad wore during WW-II, added a fleece stocking cap, and brewed up some of the tea Nika gave me for Christmas. Now I’m catching up, but I really should put on an extra pair of socks too.

Meanwhile, Alla is in Gomel where it’s -25, but she says her apartment is toasty and the city is beautifully dressed in new snow. She makes it sound so good I’m sorry I’m not there. Without Alla, I’m going to be really grateful for the thick down comforter we have on our bed in Minsk.

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