Thursday, July 2, 2009

Is the firewall in place?

Tomorrow is Belarusian independence day, and there have been MANY rehearsals. We've seen and heard jets flying overhead in formation, my friends have seen tanks rolling down the parade route four abreast, and we've seen students in the grandstands beside the parade route practicing with color-cards. We're pretty excited about joining the festivities.

Security will be tight. Last year somebody brought a bomb into a crowd of people dancing at the festivities following the parade, and this year we expect significant precautions. One example is control of the parade route. When they had the rehearsal for the parade, apparently the president rode along. My friends in the dormitory above the route were not allowed to open their windows at the time of the rehearsal. It got pretty hot in their rooms while they waited and watched.

The other security appears to be technical. Suddenly we are unable to log into our e-mail accounts at Yahoo and Google. I can't imagine we're the only people with this problem. I tried all night to send an e-mail and never succeeded until I routed it through a proxy.

I'll update this post or post again once mail starts operating normally again.

[My classmates also expreienced the outage, but mail started working again a few hours after I first completed this post.]

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