Friday, June 5, 2009

Crazy Weather

The weather around here is driving my classmates and me out of our minds. Every day we get numerous intervals of sun, but they’re seldom long enough to go out and do anything serious outdoors. In between we get gray and cloudy with outbursts of heavy rain.

I’ve stopped carrying an umbrella because I know it won’t rain for a long time. Instead, I watch the sky, choose opportune moments to step out, and seldom stay outside more than half an hour.

I’m hoping to take a bike ride tomorrow morning. The hourly forecast from Accuweather says I can get away with it. The hourly forecast from Weather Underground says I might get wet. The long-range forecast says never to expect anything different, and my professor says June is often like this.

No wonder Belarus has so many bodies of water. Why is it such a problem to deliver some of this water to my apartment (and heat it along the way)?

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