Monday, May 5, 2008

On our way to Gomel

We stopped for a few minutes at an Internet cafe on our way from Minsk to Gomel, so here I am.

I started this morning's bike ride as a review of the territory Alla and I hiked yesterday. This was my first experience riding a mountain bike in the woods, which I enjoyed a great deal. I also rode around the periphery of some plowed fields and generally favored off-road opportunities. I learned that tractors can go straight up pretty much anything, while it's not always possible on a bike. I had to get off near the top of my first mondo hill, and I also elected not to ride down through the trees on the far side of the same hill. While I probably would have gotten down safely, I felt that the consequences of failure were too great to try it, especially since I couldn't see the bottom.

The only thing I won't miss about our inn will be the fats and oils in most of the food. And we got the low-fat diet! Or, in any case, that's what we asked for.

My favorite surprise about the food is still with me. I really enjoyed a drink made from brewed birch sap. Sergey warned that it might have a hint of alcohol like a glass of orange juice, but I couldn't detect it. It's got a pretty amazing flavor, and Sergey decanted a big bottle of it for me to take away today. I feel very well cared for.

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